Workshop editorial design - Plurale

8 - 12 April 2019

Exercises in style

Exercises in Style is a collection of 99 retellings in a different style of the same story, written by R. Quenau.

‘Onomatopee’ is a editorial exercise based on onomatopoeian style.

Phonetic alphabet

The core of the editorial project is the phonetic alphabet used both for his typographical features and meaning.

It 'translates' the whole story even before reading.

Product design and communication

Università degli studi di Genova

2016 - 2019


A poster project to communicate the city of Genoa through an unusual point of view: its ups and downs, due to its geomorphology.

Through the illustrations the project highlights city transports in which you can give unconventional glimpse of city’s historical centre.

On the poster back there’s an illustrated itinerary to visit Genoa through the ups and downs.

A new logo for FIDAPA

The brief constraints was the colors and the rapresentation of women strenghtness through the calla lily flower.

The proposed logo refers to institutional one in a contemporary style.

Genova città metropolitana

Proposal for Genova Città metropolitana new brand identity to communicate both institution places and services.

The territory has been summarized in a graphic sign that communicates ‘from the mountains to the sea'.

The aim of splitting the word ‘Metropolitana’ is underlining the term etimologic root ‘polis’ in which citizens have an active role in the society.

The graphic sign became a pattern for the communication campaign.

Moreover the graphic sign has been verged for the institution tematic channels.

Ogni Camatti racconta una storia

Laboratorio tematico di design - Unige

February - April 2019

Every camatti tells a story

Drinking an Amaro Camatti is not only tasting a great liquor, but also living an experience, you are going to talk about.


The project reveals new ways to live Genoese ‘vicoli’ throughout the amaro experience.


The brand identity, needed to be modernized. The main goal was to maintain the brand awarness and tone of voice already used.


Brand restyling was combined with a related product to spread the Camatti’s stories around the world.

New glasses

The new shot glasses transmute into a product the historical payoff ‘efficacissimo contro il mal di mare’. (translation: effective against seasickness)


‘ognicamatti.it’ is the online brand voice, a platform that takes the Camatti lifestyle around the world troughout social sharing.

Moreover it is a reference to connect manifacurer and consumers.


Workshop Unige - AMIU

21-26 May 2019


Design a visual identity for AMIU’s creative reuse centers. Places in which promote and educate to new sustainable practices.


The concept is the net, built both on people and centres.

Replace naming recalls repositioning and reuse, the aims of centers.


Contest - Brief in Genova

25 - 27 September 2019


In a three days contest we had to design a comunication campaign to raise awareness against women violence for ‘Centro anitiviolenza Mascherona’


The main difficult for women suffering violence is accept the truth and share it with their loved ones, but also for them recognize it.

Due to that The campaign is carried on with the hastag #sceglilaverità.


The three target, 18-25, 25-55 and over55 are envolved in first person, as well as their loved ones called to take care of them and don’t believe in their lies.

Product design and communication

In 2016 I’ve started to study product design and communication because I want to help people in their everyday life.


Best Student
A. Y. 2016/2017
18 July 2019
Bachelor Degree
110/110 cum Laude

Science and Technology for Sustainability

This high-formation program made me explore a multidisciplinary tecnical approach to sustainability.

First Level Degree
average grade: 29,5/30

Workshop - Art Hub Carrara

5/9 September 2018

Urban regeneration and design for cultural projects

This was a summer camp in which, in a workgroup, we had to rethink the utilisation of a dismissed market in Avenza, Italy.

Our project, because of his human-centred design, was awarded with

A workshop in Farm Cultural Park

Laboratorio tematico di design

October 2018 - February 2019

Ogni Camatti racconta una storia

My bachelor degree’s final sintesys project embraced the thematic of slow tourism in Genoa’s territorial context.

The outcome was a product and a service designed for Amaro Camatti


IA summit - Architecta

24 October 2018

Everyday IA

I joined this cycle of conferences promoted by Architecta, the italian information architecture association.

For the first time I realized my interest in UX and digital design.

Workshop - Plurale

8 - 12 April 2019


This workshop gave me the possibility to explore the world of phonetic alphabet and his ‘typographical’ specifics.


Internship - TLC Web Solutions

February - April 2019

Internship in
TLC Web Solutions

TLC Web solutions welcomed me in their world in a two months internship.

Here I’ve improved my skills in UX design related to web projects.

Workshop Residence - Farm Cultural Park

9 - 14 may 2019

Gufra, countless
cities' bazaar

In this residence I could design the interaction between Favara’s italian and moroccan community with a cycle of events for Countless cities festival.

Workshop UniGe - AMIU

21-26 May 2019


A workshop to project a new identity for Genoa’s creative reuse centres

In collaboration with AMIU and University of study in Genoa


Contest Brief in Genova

25-27 September 2019

#scegli la verità

A three days contest to design a comunication campaign for violence against women.

The no-profit association promoted is "Centro Antiviolenza Mascherona", an active reality in Genoa.


Second classificate

If you are interested in my work feel free to contact me!

I’ll be glad to know more about you and your projects